Patch 6895422 confirmed to fix bug 13729794 (TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES) in EM12cR2

Update 20130619: While patch 6895422 is still available, Oracle has released patch 16087066, which contains the fix from 6895422 along with a fix for bug 13583799.  The general recommendation from Oracle now is to use patch 16087066.  Also, based on a comment in this MOS post, the EM agent will include this patch and we will no longer need to apply it manually once the next version of the agent is released.

I’ve confirmed that patch 6895422 fixes the TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES bug encountered with agents in an Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 environment.

Witness the following metric value graphs of unpatched and patched agents for the “number files open” metric over seven days:

Unpatched agent metric graph

Patched Agent

2 thoughts on “Patch 6895422 confirmed to fix bug 13729794 (TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES) in EM12cR2

  1. Subhradip

    HI there. I faced similar issue few days back. I applied patch 6895422, but after restarting the agent i see one of the disk group which was stating the error”Agent has stopped monitoring. The following errors are reported : TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES” has still not fixed.
    agent If you know anything please update me.

    1. Brian Pardy Post author

      Hi Subhradip,
      Please confirm that you applied patch 6895422 (or its replacement, patch 16087066) to the management agent’s ORACLE_HOME. The patch is a database patch, but applying it to the monitored database instance will not fix the issue in EM12c. According to the documentation the patch should work for EM12cR1 ( as you have), but I have only used it under EM12cR2 ( so I cannot confirm that it works on your version.

      However, if you can, I very strongly recommend upgrading to the latest EM12c release, EM12cR3 ( This bug, as well as many others, have been fixed, and I consider EM12cR3 to be much more stable than the earlier releases and it has given me fewer problems overall.

      Good luck!


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