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EM13cR2 AWR Warehouse “Error communicating with agent” during transfer step with custom certificates

I have just noticed and resolved an issue in my EM13c R2 AWR Warehouse environment that I brought upon myself, hence a blog post for any others who might run into this, which also seems like a good time to release the scripts I use to generate and populate Oracle wallets for my EM13c agents.

After moving an AWRW source database from one EM13c managed server to a different EM13c managed server (same OS, same DB release), AWRW loads from that server began to fail. While debugging the issue, I first had to resolve an already-documented issue (see MOS note 2075341.1) where the source database had a NULL definition for the CAW_EXTR directory object, then fix up the data in the DBSNMP.CAW_EXTRACT_PROPERTIES table to reflect the CAW_EXTR directory. After resolving that, AWRW extracts ran successfully from the source database, but began to hang indefinitely during the CAW_RUN_ETL_NOW job in the transferAWR/transferFile job step, displaying only a cryptic error message:

An unhelpful error message

A helpful error message

I ran through many debugging steps: changing preferred credentials, bouncing the agents, checking for firewalls blocking connectivity, none seemed to help. Eventually I realized the step I had missed in setting up the new managed server where the source database now runs: I had not generated an Oracle wallet for the agent on the new server, while I did have an Oracle wallet for the agent on the previous, now-retired server. This created an issue because I have secured the agent on my OMS host (where my AWRW repository database runs) with a custom third party certificate, and the new agent, lacking a wallet containing a trusted root certificate to which it could trace the repository agent’s certificate, could not initiate a connection from the AWRW source DB host agent to the AWRW repository DB host agent.

I generated a wallet for the new agent, added the trusted root certificate and a certificate for the host to the wallet, stopped the agent, deployed the wallet, and started the agent. After those steps, running the AWRW load from this source database completed successfully. I believe that the missing trusted root certificate prevented the creation of a secure channel between the two agents. I probably did not need to add the host certificate to resolve this problem, but consider it a good practice anyway.

If you read this far, you may find my script useful to generate wallets and certificate signing requests for every agent in your environment. If you find the wallet creation script useful, you may also find my script useful to populate those wallets with signed certificates received from your CA.