Ramblings from an Oracle DBA supporting SAP and maintaining SQL Server and MySQL along the edges. This will primarily be Oracle Enterprise Manager-centric since SAP users don’t get to do much interesting with the database side of things.

My GPG public key is on keys.gnupg.net ID 5ECCFA2B fingerprint = D426 632A 76DA A9CD 6DE0 0BFB 4D73 DB4A 5ECC FA2B


1 thought on “About

  1. Ann

    Hello Brian,

    I come across your blog, liked it a lot and want to ask your permission to introduce database performance analysis tools that my company, Enteros has created.

    Would you be open to check out our web site http://www.enteros.com and hopefully meet with our CTO for a demo?

    I really hope you would like it and would consider mentioning it in your blog.

    Ann Zurgashvili


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