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OTN Discussion Forums : How can we help to make EM12c better?

A recent post in the OTN forum for Enterprise Manager deserves some more attention: How can we help to make EM12c better?. Thanks to blzysh for having the chutzpah to toss this post out there. I’m personally rather pleased with EM12c, but I only make use of the database monitoring tools which have to be the most mature part of EM12c. Seems like the people monitoring middleware, provisioning, working with engineered systems and so on have a few more issues. The OTN thread looks like a great place to just air it all out.

I’m really impressed with all the Oracle employees monitoring the OTN forums. Very rapid responses to questions that don’t really require all the hassle of an SR and quick suggestions to go ahead and file an SR when something looks unusual. Thanks, everyone!