Sale: 30X WGS from Veritas Genetics for $199 for 1000 customers

Update 20181119: sold out in six hours. Visit the Veritas Genetics website and join their mailing list to receive updates on future sales.

Beginning Monday, November 19th, at 9:00AM US Eastern, Veritas Genetics will allow the first 1,000 customers who complete an order for their myGenome product (30X whole genome sequencing with interpretation) to buy at the sale price of US $199. For an additional fee of $99, you can also download your results in VCF format for your own subsequent data analysis or transfer to third party sites like GEDMatch.

I used Veritas, and paid $999 for their WGS sequencing, when I had myself sequenced for the Personal Genome Project. At 20% of the price I paid, I definitely consider this a great deal.

Per Veritas Chief Marketing Officer Rodrigo Martinez, you will know at order time if you made it in the first 1,000 or not; you will not accidentally get charged the full price if you happen to order late. See his tweet here.

Only USA residents can participate in this offer. Veritas requires a prescription from a doctor to purchase their WGS sequencing, but for the sale they are partnering with Genome Medical Inc to offer fast tracked physician signoff. See their tweet here.

Good luck!

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