EM12cR2 PSU1 ( Patch 14840279 Now Available

I just noticed that the first PSU for EM12cR2 is out. It’s under patch number 14840279, and gives us a new version for the EM12cR2 setup:

I’ve applied this patch without any trouble. I did so on top of the Dec 2012 performance bundle (patch 14807119). The PSU is a superset of the performance bundle so some patches were rolled back, but everything applied cleanly and my OMS came up fine. It also includes the fix for the EM_JOB_METRICS issue I posted about before so if you aren’t comfortable applying one off patches and have been tolerating the increased redo while waiting for a bundled patch, this PSU is for you.

The only minor issue I had was in the post-patch application step when running post_deploy.sh. The file wasn’t executable so I simply had to chmod +x post_deploy.sh before running ./post_deploy.sh.

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