How To Setup Out Of Bound Email Notification In 12c [ID 1472854.1]

Huge thanks to Laurence on the MOS Community forum for posting a link to this document. On more than one occasion I’ve spent a half hour trolling through the EM12c documentation trying to find out how to set up OOB (shouldn’t it be out of BAND, rather than out of BOUND?) email notification for the EM12c repository. I was concerned the feature had been left out after making significant use of it in EM11g. It almost looks like Oracle is keeping this hidden so that only those of us with active MOS accounts can find it — can’t find it in the docs, and if you remember modifying from your 11g days, you’ll notice that the parameters to set to enable this aren’t listed in the file. I’ve confirmed that this works as advertised in EM12c.

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